Tamil Movie With an Unpredictable Ending


The people of today are bored watching movies that have predictable endings; they prefer movies that mostly have unpredictable endings. If you are a fan of Tamil action movies, you can rest assured that there are many movies that often have unpredictable endings.

Movies such as PothanurThabalNilayam and Maha are Tamil movies 2022 that have unpredictable endings. In this guide, you will get to learn more about these two movies and know how unpredictable the ending can be.

Tamil Movies That Are Unpredictable

The two Tamil movies that can guarantee to have an unpredictable ending are as follows:


This is one of the latest Tamil movies released on 27 May, 2022, and the director is Praveen. ahadistributed the movie, and the cast of this movie includes Anjali Rao, VenkatSundar, Praveen, JaganKrish and many more. If you are looking for a Tamil movie with an unpredictable ending, this is the movie to watch.

The story revolves around the son of a postmaster who aspires to be a businessman and goes to various banks to seek loans. But after the money under his father’s care is stolen, he must be able to prove his family’s innocence and find out the main culprit.


If you are fond of thriller movies, Maha, one of the latest Tamil movies 2022 is the movie you must see. The movie’s cast includes HansikaMotwani, SanamShetty, Sujith Shankar, STR and many more. The director of the movie is UR Jameel and this is a movie you cannot miss.

The story of the movie revolves around an air hostess who lives with her husband and daughter, her husband dies, and she starts living with her daughter. On a bad day, a serial killer kidnaps her daughter and murders her in a gruesome way. Similar incidents happen in the area, and soon the mother begins hunting for the serial killer and is helped by a police inspector.

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