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If a participant fails to provide Osman with an appropriate answer, they sit down. I’m not A Robotic first performed in Collection 5, Episode 6: Each player, in turn, is shown a picture divided into squares, resembling a CAPTCHA. The Wealthy Checklist is first played in Collection 1, Episode 4: The gamers have to jot down a solution that is right primarily based on an announcement given by the computer that there are multiple correct answers to each question. Measurement Matters first performed on Sequence 2, Episode 2: The players are given a class and have to write down a proper reply relating to the https://christmas-onesie.com/ course. The players only get points for a right answer that no other participant chose, which has an added twist; Osman may also write down a solution to make it even harder.

The final player standing wins a point. The participant who provides the proper response with the most letters in the answer wins to some extent, so they get a bonus point if the correct reply is the longest attainable reply. The closest to the proper place wins a degree. If there’s a tie for first place at the top of Answer Smash, one further question is performed with solely the tied players taking part. 2Community channels operated as a part of Bell Fibe Tv and Bell Aliant Fibe Television; also not part of Bell Media. The player who is closest to the proper answer gets the point, but when anyone gets the year exactly right, they then get two points. Put Your Finger on It was first played in Series 1, Episode 2: The players are given an image question and have to level out who or what they assume is the right answer. It could be a specific individual or unusual merchandise.